• Brief

    Having decided to embark on a Trans Atlantic row to raise awareness and money for the plight of injured soldiers returning from duty, the R2R group of injured and non-injured soldiers engaged us to formulate a sponsorship strategy to turn general corporate goodwill and support into tangible sponsorship revenue to help the team reach their objective of raising £1 million for Help for Heroes.


    Progressive Solution

    Being a highly motivated and able group of individuals with excellent corporate connections and a very credible plan for meeting the challenge of the marathon row, we realized early on that the best route to success was to harness the energy and drive of the R2R team by allowing them to go to market with a thought through sponsorship strategy which articulated a compelling sponsorship proposition for potential corporate partners. This involved us devising a sponsorship platform that would not only incorporate obvious branding opportunities on the boat during the row, but devising additional opportunities for sponsors to use the R2R voyage to engage with their own employees and to activate the sponsorship through additional fund raising events and activities during the 12 month period leading up to the row itself. In practical terms, this involved advising on the staging of additional public events on Horse Guards Parade, Henley Royal Regatta, the Thames River Race and other celebrity media events.

    Key Facts

    • BP, The Times and Sunday Times secured as Premium Partners
    • Extensive media coverage including regular features on ITV’s News at Ten
    • Crew of 6 injured and non-injured servicemen
    • 3000 miles rowed
    • Completed in 51 days
    • Contract Negotiation
    • Mission achieved with £1 million raised!
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