• Brief

    As a long term stakeholder in tennis with a significant investment in its title sponsorship of the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals, Barclays rightly insists on us undertaking a full annual evaluation of its sponsorship – ranging from analysis of media reach and brand exposure, through to detailed consumer research to understand how its sponsorship and its core activation programmes are being received by the general public, tennis fans and event attendees.


    Progressive Solution

    From the outset of the sponsorship in 2009, we devised a 5 year strategic plan with detailed objectives for the sponsorship to deliver against.Being a new tournament to the UK and London, the focus for the first two years was to develop the event’s profile and promote awareness of Barclays’ title sponsorship amongst the tennis audience and key media. In subsequent years, the focus has broadened to include engagement with this attractive audience to promote specific products and services.


    In order to effectively measure and evaluate performance against objectives, we developed a comprehensive measurement and evaluation programme including global media analysis and detailed UK consumer surveys. This has enabled us to measure the impact of the sponsorship each year, and year on year, to provide a valuable 40 pagefact based annual Evaluation Report which has informed both internal stakeholders on the merits of the sponsorship, and the broader sponsorship strategy going forward.

    Key Facts

    • Year on year comparable media values
    • Event broadcast and value measured in 150 countries
    • TV audience over 100 million
    • Year on year comparable brand consideration and liking results
    • Prompted and spontaneous awareness of the sponsorship measured annually
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